* Special Bonuses for the Brave Souls that are taking this Healing Journey through "ALCHEMY FOR THE SOUL” *

When I was lost, I would have loved someone to show me this path. I took different directions and many paths seeking to heal my past. At a certain point, I noticed I was going around but not to the core of what I needed to heal. After so many attempts, I finally discovered the shortcut. When I found out that my Roots of suffering were connected to the unresolved memories of my ancestors’ past, I decided to turn around to revisit, recognize, integrate, and liberate those memories that were limiting my possibilities to recreate a different destiny.

The family system has an organic flow but this order was disturbed by the memories of pain and suffering that our ancestors carried throughout generations. Someone must recreate order in the system for this to flow organically again. That will be you!

Once I found this path, I decided to share it with others to help them create that Order so we can all flow in harmony within the System of Life.

As a Thank you for acquiring my book “ALCHEMY FOR THE SOUL”, and for taking this journey, I have some special bonuses for you

🎁 Gift #1: A Workbook of Observations that has a value of $7.99 USD.

This workbook is a guide for self-observation and self-awareness with a series of contents and questions that can help you identify and recognize the unconscious patterns and memories that you might be attached to.

🎁 Gift #2: Map to create Systemic Order

🎁 Gift #3: A Bonus of $50 USD that you can use towards any of our programs.

We currently have two programs running, in two languages, English and Spanish. You can use this Bonus towards any of them.

One is our Training and certification program on Systemic and Family Constellations to become a Soul Therapist through the method of Family Constellations. You don’t need to take the whole program but you can go deeper in your healing process by taking one of the first modules and have a profound and transformational experience. These modules are live. Each module has a value of $299 USD. If you use your bonus, you will be paying only $249 USD. For more information about our training program visit: www.systemichealinginstitute.com

Our second program is called “Soul’s Journey”, 7 steps to transcend your past. This program is a series of Videos and it's currently running in the Hotmart platform in Spanish and it’s coming in English by 2/22/2022. It is already in the oven! You will be some of the first ones to have it.

Soul’s Journey has an original value of $651 USD and you will have the opportunity to live this healing experience for only $147 USD.

You might wonder, how can Soul’s Journey or the Family Constellations program help create a change in my life and in my family system?

See what others said:

It is possible to

Experience relationships based on love, respect, connection, and trust.
Create a constant flowing relationship with the abundance and the prosperity in your life.
Improve the relationship with your body and your health.
Experience tranquility and harmony in your life.
Live on purpose and enjoy your life.

What does the “Soul’s Journey” program include?

7 Steps (37 videos) of recognition about the family system, how it
works and how we are connected to it. Value: $299 USD

Bonus: 5 videos about the “Soul’s Wounds” and how they affect
our behaviors and relationships. Value: $107 USD

24 systemic exercises or experiences based on Family Constellations, Acts of Empowerment, Meditations, and Visualizations. Value: $245 USD

Extra bonus: I will give you support throughout your journey and
healing process through WhatsApp.

Also, you will have access to your program forever. You will be
able to repeat it and do the exercises as many times as you want.

The original value of “SOUL’S JOURNEY”is $ 651 USD. The presale offer is going for $199. If you use the $50 Bonus, you will be getting this whole program for only

$147 USD


You can also hold your $50 bonus and use it on February 22/2022 when the program will be up and running using this code: SOYALQUIMISTA