More than a reading, this book is a healing experience to transcend the suffering of our past and that of our ancestors. 

Throughout this Seven Step Journey, you will get to identify and liberate the unresolved memories of your family system that afect your Relationships, Health, and Abundance. You can recreate a different destiny for yourself, for the ones that were before you, and for the ones that are to come.

Alchemy for the Soul

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What would you get to transformed by reading Alchemy for the Soul?

Alchemy for the Soul is a journey to transcend the unresolved memories and the repetitive patterns that we have been carrying throughout generations. This book has contents and systemic exercises based on Family Constellations that can help you identify and liberate the memories of your past and your ancestors' past so you can get aligned to a new consciousness that will redirect your life towards a more harmonious destiny. This book is an integration of different knowledges and experiences with Family Constellations and with other methods of healing for the mind, body, and Spirit.

◉Identify how you are connected to the unresolved memories of your family system and how these affect your relationships, health, finances, and the success in your life. ◉ Create systemic Order throughout each of the Seven (7) steps that appear in the book. Creating this Order within will manifest a different reality in your life. ◉Alchemy for the Soul is not just a reading, it is a guided transformational experience through the systemic exercises of recognition, integration, liberation, inclusion, reconciliation, and transformation.

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Map to create systemic order in PDF (This graphic will help you set up each member in their position when taking the step 2).

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The purpose of Alchemy for the Soul is to generate a new consciousness that helps the evolutionary process of the individual and the collective. Our work today is to change the programming learned and lived by our ancestors to recreate a different destiny for us on earth. As one heals, all heal. As you identify and trancend the unresolved memories of your past, your vibration will change. From this new order and tranquility within, you will attract and manifest a different reality, one closer to Love in all aspects of your Life.

Allow me to share a bit about me

I am Mayadari del Sol, Life Coach, Therapist in Family and Systemic Constellations, Founder of Systemic Healing Institute, a certification training program on Family Constellations in two languages, English and Spanish, Author of a book called "Alchemy for the Soul", and Coach of two programs for the transformation of limiting beliefs and unconscious memories called The Soul’s Journey and The Hero’s Journey. My purpose is to help the evolution process of consciousness by healing and integrating Mind and Soul.

After going through a turning point in my life that impacted not only my physical body but deeply my soul, I embarked on a journey of healing. To do this, I understood that to heal the body it was necessary to heal my mind, the unconscious memories of my childhood, and the unresolved memories of my ancestors, which are the roots of most of the limitations that affect the individual’s development in different areas such as relationships, health, finances, prosperity, and success.

Today, I am fully committed to facilitating individual and group therapy, online and on-site. I am also dedicated to train souls who want to help serve Life through our Systemic Healing Institute and the training program on Family Constellations.

What would you discover in “Alchemy for the Soul”

► An eye-opening content to understand how we are connected to the memories of our ancestors, how they affect us, and how to solve them. Also, a series of healing exercises to transform and transcend the memories of the past.

► A friendly way to understand our experiences in life, the purpose of them, and how we can help the collective by first healing ourselves.

► 7 steps to identify and transcend the unconscious roots of your family system. Creating Systemic Order is the way to transcend the past. When there is Order, Love flows.

► A serie of systemic exercises, meditations, visualizations, and acts of empowerment to create systemic order, to heal the unresolved memories of your childhood, and those of your ancestors' past. These are simple but powerful and transformational exercises that you can you do on your own.

► A path or a possibility to create a change within that can manifest a different reality in your Life.

Be part of our reading club. I will go LIVE through YouTube and Facebook on Fridays at 8 pm EST.

Alchemy for the Soul is a short, punctual, loving, and efficient path to heal your soul and to recreate a different destiny for yourself, for the ones who were before you, and for the ones coming.

If you want to share your experience after reading the book, send me a text through WhatsApp at +1 321 9005680. Thank you for your sharing, your story can be an inspiration for others.

Thank you for taking this step to heal. Your healing is that of the Totality.

By reading "Alchemy for the Soul" you will be able to ►

► Identify what unresolved memories from your past are limiting your present and what you want to manifest.

► Become aware of how your behaviors, emotions, reactions, decisions, and experiences have been an unconscious repetitive pattern from your ancestral past.

► Heal and integrate the unresolved memories of your family system to be able to liberate them from continuing to happen.

► Experience Order within that will redirect you towards the creation of a new reality where you can manifest healthy and conscious relationships, first with yourself and then with others. All is possible!

I trust that this experience of "Alchemy for the Soul" can reach millions, and that it can serve the system of Life to transcend the past so we all can meet from our true nature, which is Love.


I'll meet you inside

Recreating your destiny is one click away!

with Love

Mayadari del Sol

This is what one of our readers, Julio Ra, wrote about the book:
“This book is not only full of introspection and self-work, but it is also synchronized to your highest good. You cannot read it from beginning to end, you must take breaks, live life, get the lesson, come back to the book and get synchronized and aligned. It is a sacred work for healing ❤️‍🩹 I highly recommend it to work family dynamics and it’s ramifications into daily life. Also, it is written by a female local healer, so please support this work and heal yourself, the community, and the world 🌎 ❤️🙏🏽
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